1. 有一天,我从APP Store下载了一个重力智力游戏,结果发现这游戏一点都不重!

(One day, I downloaded a gravity puzzle game from the App Store, but it turned out that the game had zero gravity!)

2. 为什么鱼不会玩牌?因为它们总是在"海底"!

(Why don't fish play cards? Because they're always "under the sea"!)

3. 为什么音乐家总是迟到?因为他们在调"拨钟"!

(Why are musicians always late? Because they're busy tuning their "viola-clocks"!)

4. 有一个村子里的机器人有种奇怪的毛病,就是喜欢说“HI!”,是个招人烦的“嗨机器人”!

(There's a strange problem with a robot in a village—it always says "HI!" It's an annoying "Hi-bot"!)

5. 为什么不能接网络的电话?因为它们总是“扑空”!

(Why can't you catch internet phone calls? Because they're always "offline"!)

6. 有个谜语网站被黑客攻击了,但没人愿意解密,因为代码是“无数个谜”!

(There was a riddle website that got hacked, but no one wanted to decode it. It was a "Riddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleriddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleriddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleiddleriddleiddleiddleiddles"!)

7. 一只小狗带上眼镜去看电影,结果一进电影院就被工作人员踢了出来,因为它只买了“犬用”票!(A little dog wore glasses to watch a movie, but as soon as it entered the cinema, the staff kicked it out because it had only bought a "canine" ticket!)

8. 为什么橙子去婚礼都穿西装?因为它们觉得穿着起来很"橘子皮"!

(Why do oranges wear suits to weddings? Because they think it looks very "citrus-peel"!)

9. 有个人从一个湖里捞起两条鱼,然后问它们:“你们会讲英语吗?”结果鱼说:“我们会说鱼语。”

(A person caught two fish from a lake and asked them, "Can you speak English?" The fish replied, "We can speak fish language.")

10. 为什么月亮不吃饭?因为它已经圆鼓鼓了,吃不下“月牙饼”!

(Why doesn't the moon eat? Because it's already full and can't eat the "crescent"!)

11. 有一天,一只羊进了一个电影院,结果被工作人员赶出去了。为什么?因为只有"电影私人放羊"才能进!

(One day, a sheep entered a cinema and was kicked out. Why? Because only "movie private marshal" can enter!)

12. 为什么猴子会爬树?因为它们都有"几个朋友再树枝上"!

(Why do monkeys climb trees? Because they have "few friends on branches"!)

13. 两只细菌走进了一个赌场,然后被赶了出去。为什么?因为他们在“繁殖赌场”玩耍!

(Two bacteria walk into a casino and are kicked out. Why? Because they were playing at a "multiplying casino"!)

14. 为什么橡皮泥爱上了糖果?因为它觉得糖果很甜,所以它“黏上瘾”了!

(Why did the clay fall in love with candy? Because it thought candy was sweet, and it got "sticky-addicted"!)

15. 为什么筷子喜欢打豆豆?因为它们觉得“食物更有魅力”!

(Why do chopsticks like playing with soybeans? Because they think "food has more charms"!)

16. 有个人买了一个音乐播放器,发现里面只有一首歌曲:“跟我休息一下”!

(A person bought a music player and found that it only had one song: "Take a Rest With"!)

17. 为什么当你在大风中说笑话的时候不能放屁?因为你的笑话会"风声"大作!

(Why can't you fart while telling jokes in a gust of wind? Because your jokes will make a "windy" sound!)

18. 一个人去机场乘飞机,结果被告知只能乘坐"筷子班机"!

(A person went to the airport to catch a flight but was told they could only take the "chopstick aircraft"!)

19. 为什么喜欢玩脑筋急转弯的人没人想跟他们一起出去玩?因为他们总是“歪果仁”!

(Why don't people want to go out and play with those who like to play brain teasers? Because they are always "pecan nuts"!)

20. 有一对双胞胎兄弟走进了一个警察局,然后被警察赶了出来。为什么?因为他们告诉警察他们“跟我来”!

(Twin brothers walk into a police station and are kicked out by the police. Why? Because they told the police "follow me"!)

21. 为什么孔雀喝咖啡时总是喜欢加点"羽毛牛奶"?因为它们觉得这样更"修饰画"!

(Why do peacocks always like to add some "feather milk" to their coffee? Because they think it's more "decorative"!)

22. 有一只蝴蝶坐在一朵花上,然后花问:“你在干什么?”蝴蝶回答:“我在'翩翩飞舞!”

(A butterfly sits on a flower, and the flower asks: "What are you doing?" The butterfly replies: "I'm 'fluttering'!")

23. 为什么蓝色的墨西哥玉米比黄色的玉米更贵?因为它们长得"稀有"!

(Why is blue Mexican corn more expensive than yellow corn? Because it's "rarely grown"!)

24. 有个信息素网站被病毒攻击了,结果信息无法“通讯”!

(There was a pheromone website that got attacked by a virus, and the information couldn't "communicate"!)

25. 为什么光能顺着电线走?因为它是一种"直线引导电"!

(Why can light walk along the wire? Because it's a "line-guiding electricity"!)

26. 为什么棉花总是"住"在羽绒服中?因为它们觉得那里最"柔软"!

(Why does cotton always "live" inside of down jackets? Because it feels the "softest" there!)

27. 一个鸟儿去找医生,然后医生问鸟儿:“你怎么了?”鸟儿回答:“我七岁,不高兴!”

(A bird goes to see a doctor, and the doctor asks the bird, "What's wrong with you?" The bird replies, "I'm seven years old and unhappy!")

28. 为什么蜜蜂总是喜欢唱R&B?因为它们觉得蜂王是"R&B之王"!

(Why do bees always like to sing R&B? Because they think the queen bee is the "queen of R&B"!)

29. 有个人养了一只猫头鹰,但他发现它不吃老鼠,只吃"键盘鼠标"!

(Someone raised an owl, but he found that it didn't eat mice, only "keyboard mice"!)

30. 为什么蚯蚓总是在地下趴着?因为它们觉得在地里是最"土"的!

(Why do earthworms always crawl underground? Because they think it's the "dirtiest" place!)

31. 一个小狗坐公交车,然后司机说:“这里不收狗票!”小狗回答:“那我坐在你肩膀上,你给你自己挤个座位!”

(A small dog takes the bus, and the driver says, "Dogs don't need tickets here!" The dog replies, "Then I'll sit on your shoulder, and you can squeeze yourself a seat!")

32. 为什么猴子戒烟吸毛毛虫呢?因为它觉得这是戒烟最好的"烟头"!

(Why do monkeys quit smoking and start sucking on caterpillars? Because they think that's the best "smoke end" for quitting!)

33. 有一个小雨滴问另一个小雨滴:“我们哪个大?”另一个小雨滴回答:“都是小滴!”

(One raindrop asks another raindrop, "Which one of us is bigger?" The other raindrop replies, "We're all little drops!")

34. 为什么光波总是被大家排斥?因为它们都是"光芒点"!

(Why are light waves always excluded? Because they're all just "light spots"!)

35. 奶牛为什么会在旅游中得到休息?因为它们最擅长“田园之旅”!

(Why do cows always get a break during vacations? Because they are experts at "pastoral trips"!)

36. 有一个人穿着背带裤潇洒地走在大街上,然后一个路人过来说:"帅哥,你背带快松开了",他回答:"没事,我是走"裤松"路线的"!

(A person walks confidently down the street wearing overalls, and someone comes up and says, "Hey, buddy, your suspenders are loose." He replies, "It's fine, I'm taking the 'loose pants' route!")

37. 为什么表情符号不上班?因为它们只是"表"示一下!(Why don't emoji symbols go to work? Because they're just "expressive"!)

38. 一个太阳系的行星走进一家酒吧,然后被工作人员劝走。为什么?因为这家酒吧只接待"行星系统"以上的客人!

(A planet from the solar system walks into a bar and is advised to leave by the staff. Why? Because the bar only serves customers from "planetary systems" and above!)

39. 为什么税务局存在于每个人的恶梦中?因为它们擅长"折腾人"!

(Why does the tax office exist in everyone's nightmares? Because they're good at "torturing people"!)

40. 有个人用手抓住了一只蚊子,然后蚊子对他说:"你杀了我,你也得付"蚊血代价"!

(A person catches a mosquito with their hand, and the mosquito says to them, "If you kill me, you'll have to pay the price of 'mosquito blood'!")

41. 为什么熊猫不喜欢唱歌?因为它们觉得那样很像"熊憨憨"!

(Why don't pandas like to sing? Because they think it's too "beary"!)

42. 一个蜗牛走进了酒吧,然后被工作人员赶了出来。为什么?因为它们只接待"跑不快"的客人!

(A snail walks into a bar and is kicked out by the staff. Why? Because the bar only serves customers who are "not fast runners"!)

43. 为什么草不喜欢参加派对?因为它总是担心自己会"草坪人"!

(Why doesn't grass like attending parties? Because it's always worried about becoming "party lawn"!)

44. 有一个木偶试图变成一个真人,但它发现自己只能变成一个"木"人!

(A puppet tries to become a real person, but it finds out it can only turn into a "wooden" person!)

45. 为什么人们不愿意跟苹果的朋友一起出去玩?因为它们总是苹果瞪眼"起拈"!

(Why don't people want to go out and play with Apple's friends? Because they always see Apple "raising its eyebrows"!)

46. 一个石头站在一边,然后另一个石头对它说:“你看起来很酷”。第一个石头回答:“谢谢,我是有点‘硬核’!”

(One rock stands aside, and another rock says to it, "You look cool." The first rock replies, "Thanks, I'm a bit 'hardcore'!")

47. 为什么独角兽不喜欢喝水?因为它们觉得水太"凡尘"!

(Why don't unicorns like to drink water? Because they think water is too "mundane"!)

48. 有个人决定让他的梦想成真,结果醒来后发现自己"没有梦想中"的生活!

(A person decides to make their dreams come true, but when they wake up, they find themselves in a life that "doesn't match their dreams"!)

49. 为什么牛都没有在大型音乐演唱会中表演?因为它们认为那是“煎牛”的事情!

(Why don't cows perform at large music concerts? Because they think it's a "roasting cow" thing!)

50. 一个警察问一个吸气表演者:“你吸引了整个城市,你为什么不当市长?”吸气表演者回答:“我只是个市面熟的"吸引人!”

(A police officer asks an accordion performer, "You attract the whole city—why don't you become the mayor?" The accordionist replies, "I'm just a familiar face that 'attracts people'!")

51. 为什么音乐家总是迟到?因为他们在调"拨钟"!

(Why are musicians always late? Because they're busy tuning their "viola-clocks"!)

52. 一个人给女友盖了一座房子,然后女友回答:“谢谢,这真是一个"砌"中取胜的想法!”

(A person builds a house for their girlfriend, and she replies, "Thanks, building a house is a 'winning idea'!")

53. 为什么玉米不去音乐会?因为它害怕听到"爆米花音乐"!

(Why don't corn go to concerts? Because they're afraid they'll hear "popcorn music"!)

54. 有一个蜘蛛去看电源怎么修,然后电工对它说:“你这蜘蛛网杂乱无章,你真是个'线头'!”

(A spider goes to see how the power supply is being fixed, and the electrician says to it, "Your spider web is messy. You're a real 'thread end'!")

55. 为什么苹果和橘子总是在比赛中失败?因为它们总是只"玩果"!

(Why do apples and oranges always fail in competitions? Because they only "play fruit"!)

56. 有一个草莓自言自语:“我不喜欢有人叫我"草"莓,我想被称为苹果的'稻草'!”

(A strawberry mutters to itself, "I don't like being called 'grass' berry. I want to be called the 'straw' of apples!")

57. 为什么懒虫喜欢呆在床上?因为它们觉得那里是"最舒适"的地方!

(Why do sloths like to stay in bed? Because they think it's the "coziest" place!)

58. 一个蓝色的羽毛坐在天鹅的头上,然后天鹅问它:“你是谁?”蓝色的羽毛回答:“我是染翅膀出道的"羽觞"!”

(A blue feather sits on top of a swan, and the swan asks, "Who are you?" The blue feather replies, "I'm a 'featherie' who became famous after dyeing my feathers!")

59. 为什么星星总是在河里漂流?因为它们喜欢"星漂河"!

(Why do stars always float in the river? Because they like to be "star drifts"!)

60. 有一天,一个人在森林里捡到了一只猫,然后猫对他说:“谢谢你救了我的命。”这个人回答:“其实,我并没有……”猫打断了他的话:“沉默是金匀法!”

(One day, a person finds a cat in the forest, and the cat says to them, "Thank you for saving my life." The person replies, "Actually, I didn't…" The cat interrupts them, saying, "Silence is golden meowment!")

61. 为什么气球融化了?因为它觉得天空太热了,没法消"凝固"!

(Why did the balloon melt? Because it thought the sky was too hot and couldn't "condense"!)

62. 一个雨滴对一个大海说:“我想成为一只鱼!”大海回答:“那你就要付出鱼的"水费"!”

(A raindrop says to the ocean, "I want to become a fish!" The ocean replies, "Then you'll have to pay the 'fish water bill'!")

63. 为什么河马总是被排除在动物会议之外?因为它总是"格外宏亮"!

(Why is a hippo always excluded from animal meetings? Because it's always "extra large"!)

64. 有一个人在沙滩上看着大海,然后大海对他说:“你是个好人,但你现在"浪"在奇葩的想法!”

(A person is standing on a beach, staring at the ocean. The ocean says to them, "You're a good person, but right now you're 'wandering' in weird thoughts!")

65. 为什么螃蟹都去度假?因为它们觉得海滩最适合"放松壳"!

(Why do crabs go on vacation? Because they think the beach is the best place to "relax their shells"!)

66. 有一个海星去剪头发,然后理发师对它说:“对不起,我们只能剪"星星头"!”

(A starfish goes to get a haircut, and the barber says, "I'm sorry, we can only cut 'star heads'!")

67. 为什么牛总是不受人喜爱?因为它们总是"牛头不对马面"!

(Why don't cows get much love? Because they're always "bullheaded and horse-faced"!)

68. 有一只羊对另一只羊说:“你真懒,总是躺在地上。”另一只羊回答:“我是个躺在地上的想'法'!”

(One sheep says to another sheep, "You're so lazy, always lying on the ground." The other sheep replies, "I'm just a 'lying on the ground' idea!")

69. 为什么音乐家总是迟到?因为他们总是走"音乐步"!

(Why are musicians always late? Because they're always walking to the "music beat"!)

70. 为什么树叶不去电影院?因为它们知道电影只是"树影"!

(Why don't leaves go to the cinema? Because they know movies are just "tree shadows"!)

71. 有一天,一只羊儿变成了一个鸡,然后另一只羊儿对它说:“哇,你居然成了"奇"项!

(One day, a sheep turns into a chicken, and another sheep says to it, "Wow, you've become a 'crowning' item!")

72. 为什么石头买不了牙膏?因为它没法"挤"出来!

(Why can't the stone buy toothpaste? Because it can't "squeeze" it out!)

73. 为什么月亮喜欢玩宇航飞行游戏?因为它们觉得自己是"宇航员"!

(Why does the moon like playing space flight games? Because it thinks it's an "astronaut"!)

74. 有一个人给他的狗买了一条新项圈,然后狗看着它说:“这样更轻松了‘项’住我!”

(A person buys a new collar for their dog, and the dog looks at it and says, "This makes it easier to 'collar' me!")

75. 为什么牙膏不参加宴会?因为它觉得派对"蛮"无趣!

(Why doesn't toothpaste attend parties? Because it thinks parties are "pretty" boring!)

76. 一个人问他的汽车:“你为什么总是不启动?”汽车回答:“我只服务于"开车"的理念!”

(A person asks their car, "Why don't you start?" The car replies, "I only serve the 'driving' concept!")

77. 为什么切洋葱会让人流泪?因为它们觉得这样更"刺激眼球"!

(Why do cutting onions make people cry? Because they think it's more "stimulating to the eyeballs"!)

78. 有一个机器人去面试,然后面试官问:“你能处理高压工作吗?”机器人回答:“当然,我是'压强'派的!”

(A robot goes for an interview, and the interviewer asks, "Can you handle high-pressure work?" The robot replies, "Of course, I'm a 'pressure force' kind of robot!")

79. 为什么气球会在冷天气中缩小?因为它们觉得那样更"冷"!

(Why do balloons shrink in cold weather? Because they think it's more "chilly" that way!)

80. 有一只"演戏"的蚂蚁问另一只蚂蚁:“你能帮我拍一个'大戏'吗?”另一只蚂蚁回答:“当然,我们可以拍一部'电影蚂蚁'"!

(An "acting" ant asks another ant, "Can you help me film a 'big play'?" The other ant replies, "Of course, we can make a 'film ant'!")

81. 为什么牙膏加入了俱乐部?因为它觉得俱乐部是个"活泼牙"氛围!

(Why did toothpaste join the club? Because it thinks the club has a "vibrant tooth" atmosphere!)

82. 一个西瓜坐在椅子上,然后另一个水果对它说:“你看起来很酷。”西瓜回答:“谢谢,我只是个'超瓜'!”

(A watermelon sits on a chair, and another fruit says to it, "You look cool." The watermelon replies, "Thanks, I'm just 'supermelon'!")

83. 为什么考试前不可以喝茶?因为它会造成智商下降"!

(Why is it not allowed to drink tea before exams? Because it causes a drop in "intelligence test"!)

84. 有一个鸟飞上了最高的山,然后山问它说:“你来这里有什么目的?”鸟回答:“我来这里是为了‘成为山’!”

(A bird flies to the highest mountaintop, and the mountain asks it, "What's your purpose for coming here?" The bird replies, "I'm here to 'be mountain'!")

85. 为什么机器人喜欢吃冰淇淋?因为它们觉得那是"含铁机"!

(Why do robots like to eat ice cream? Because they think it's "iron-containing machine"!)

86. 有一个人问一头奶牛:“为什么奶牛总是沉默不语?”奶牛回答:“我们只是'沉默就是金'的奶牛!”

(A person asks a cow, "Why are cows always silent?" The cow replies, "We're just 'silence is golden' cows!")

87. 为什么蚂蚁总是觉得时间不够用?因为它们总是说"及时"而从不准时!

(Why do ants always feel like they don't have enough time? Because they're always "timely" and inaccurate!)

88. 有一只大熊猫吃了一块巧克力,然后狗对它说:“你不能吃巧克力,它对你的健康有伤害。”大熊猫回答:“没事,我是个"穿山甲"!”

(A giant panda eats a piece of chocolate, and a dog says to it, "You can't eat chocolate, it's harmful to your health." The giant panda replies, "It's fine, I'm an 'anteater'!")

89. 为什么羊不喜欢听笑话?因为它们觉得笑话就是"羊头扭"的事情!

(Why don't sheep like to hear jokes? Because they think jokes are "sheep head twists"!)

90. 有一个狗走进了一家猫咪咖啡馆,然后被猫咪们赶了出来。为什么?因为只有"猫"宾才能进!

(A dog walks into a cat café and is kicked out by the cats. Why? Because only "cat customers" can enter!)

91. 为什么糖果喜欢跳舞?因为它们觉得跳舞最"甜蜜"!

(Why do candies like to dance? Because they think dancing is the "sweetest"!)

92. 有一个人告诉他的手机:“你很聪明。”手机回答:“谢谢,我是'智'果下载手机!”

(A person tells their phone, "You're so smart." The phone replies, "Thanks, I'm a 'smart fruit' downloading phone!")

93. 为什么电池充电时会变得很"酷牛"?因为它们觉得正在"充足"自己!

(Why do batteries become "cool cows" when they're being charged? Because they think they're "recharging" themselves!)

94. 云对薯片说:“你看起来很薄。”薯片回答:“谢谢,我只是个'薄片'!”

(A cloud says to a potato chip, "You look thin." The potato chip replies, "Thanks, I'm just a 'thin slice'!")

95. 为什么猴子总是喜欢唱歌?因为它们觉得自己是"好戏"的一部分!

(Why do monkeys like to sing? Because they think they're part of a "grand show"!)

96. 一个苹果问另一个苹果:“你喜欢吃什么?”,另一个苹果回答:“我最喜欢吃'苹果立'!”

(One apple asks another apple, "What do you like to eat?" The other apple replies, "I like eating 'apple stands'!")

97. 为什么金鱼不会爬树?因为它们觉得这只是"鱼爬'枝'"的事情!

(Why can't goldfish climb trees? Because they think it's just a "fish climbing branches" thing!)

98. 有一只蚂蚁对一只蜜蜂说:“你看起来很"蜜"甜。”蜜蜂回答:“谢谢,我只是个'花'蜜!”

(An ant says to a bee, "You look very 'honey' sweet." The bee replies, "Thanks, I'm just 'flower honey'!")

99. 为什么书会开冰淇淋店?因为它们喜欢"暑期育"舌味!

(Why do books open ice cream shops? Because they like to "cultivate tongue flavors" during the summer!)

100. 有一个人坐着椅子看山,然后山对他说:“你来这里有什么目的?”这个人回答:“我来这里是为了瞭'望'!”

(A person sits on a chair, looking at the mountains, and the mountain says to them, "What's your purpose for being here?" The person replies, "I'm here to 'observe'!")

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